About Us

Vatacom logoVATACOM (VATA Communications, Inc) offers an extensive collection of VoIP solutions for your business. Vatacom is committed to SIMPLICITY, SERVICE & SAVINGS. That commitment means competitive rates on the most innovative flexible platforms available. Vatacom has world class end to end innovative solutions to simplify your complex communication needs, handling anything from large multi-site managed MPLS roll-outs down to small single site deployments with analog POTS lines.

As an IT consulting company, Vatacom follows the Comprehensive IT Administration Services (CITAS) approach. We utilize the CITAS concept based on our successful multi-functional experience in developing and maintaining the IT system of high-tech companies.

CITAS is a system concept. It states that there are a combination of related IT problems/solutions to be approached self-consistently, with all the specificity and wholeness of a given IT system taken into account. Practically speaking, CITAS is implemented through one source of IT care and a preventive integral approach.

CITAS is successful because we understand the nature of a company and business. This makes us a rare provider that will never recommend ‘heavy-weight’ brands where simple solutions do better. This approach results in a low cost combined with high satisfaction.

In addition to our original CITAS approach, the uniqueness of our company is that we offer services which, in the absence of the company's own IT professionals, are delivered by several different consultants. Hence, our strengths: Comprehensiveness, Low Cost, and Commitment.


Vatacom is dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients. We constantly learn new technologies and develop new skills. CITAS's level of expertise allows us to support virtually any kind of computer system. Vatacom provides IT outsourcing service to small- and medium-sized companies. There is limited need for our clients to use large IBM and SUN mainframe servers, expensive Oracle solutions, or proprietary Unix OS implementations. To ensure we provide the right service for the right market, we limit the number of supported operating systems and hardware platforms. We support all versions of Microsoft Windows, most distributions of Linux, Free BSD, Open BSD, and Net BSD

Database servers supported : All versions of Microsoft SQL server, MySQL server, and Postrgresql server

Supported hardware includes: Fortigate, CISCO , Whatchguar, Checkpoint, Juniper, Sonicwall, Ecessa, Extremenetworks, HP, Intel, and many others.