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TFTP DOS attack on a phone system – real life experience

Today I'd like to share my experience with a TFTP DOS attack on phone systems. One Friday afternoon around 2pm, we received a support ticket stating that our customer has problems with 2 phone systems.  Each were rebooting randomly every 5-10 minutes.  It was interesting to note that these 2 systems were located in different…
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Vatacom supporting local nonprofit organizations

Here at Vatacom we recognize the importance of supporting local nonprofit organizations. They provide invaluable services to people and communities in need, supporting Minnesota residents in many key areas and in dire circumstances. For many of these organizations, funding is an important factor, sometimes limiting their ability to serve people to the full extent. We…
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Best phone systems reviews – why you can not trust them

Problem with search results "Best phone systems reviews" are filling up the search results on Google , Yahoo, Bing and any other search engine you might use to search for a new phone system for your business. The truth of the matter is: there is no "best" phone system out there. Best phone systems reviews…
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What’s new in Zultys release 13

Zultys release 13 software is available since July 18th 2017.  As usual, we were impatient to learn about new features and fixes Zultys has introduced in this release. After all it took them 8 month to release version 13. Here is what's new in Zultys release 13 Return Customer Routing This feature provides two methods…
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