Solutions overview

Solutions overview

Phone systems

Advanced features for a business of any size, on premise and hosted, Learn more

Voice Services / Data Services

Fiber, SIP Trunks/Dial-Tone, SD WAN, Global WAN, Cloud Connect, Internet Storage, Learn more

Cabling Services

  • All Low Voltage Wiring
  • Fiber Services

Data Center Services and Design

  • CITAS (Comprehensive IT Administration Services) End-to End Design/Build
  • Data Center Space -  vmware and other environments available

Building Security Systems, Card Readers, Camera Systems

  • Design/Build Services
  • Access Control/ Door Entry to Alerts

A/V Conferencing Equipment and Services

  • Cloud Service or Premise Based full collaboration offerings
  • Facilitating Small business to Enterprise size solutions

Core and Edge Network Switches

  • Design and Build Equipment & Services
  • Industrial Grade – Ruggedized equpment – Extreme Temperatures and Environments

Firewall and Router Equipment and Services

  • Next Generation Firewalls offering complete protection including Antivirus, IPS/IDS, SSL inspection, Web filtering , Botnet protection.
  • Entry Level Networks to Demanding Networks

PC’s and Server Equipment and Services

Note: PC Services are sometimes contracted out to Vatacom partners of several years but still under Vatacom scope of work

Paging Systems, Speaker Systems, Intercoms, Horns, Peripherals

  • Cutting Edge Accessory Devices
  • Network & Systems Enhancement

Sound Masking Equipment

  • Cost Effective - Measurable ROI
  • Reduce Distractions - Workplace Efficiencies

WiFi Equipment and Services

  • Business Grade – Enterprise - High Throughput
  • Secure Public and Private Access

 Access Points/Controllers, Building to Building Short & Long Range

  • Wi-Fi point-to-point bridging up to 50 miles and 1Gb + speed

Verticals – Solutions for

  • Law Firms:  CRM Integrations, Recording (DVR recording with pause for compliance), Enterprise UC
  • Banking: Encryption, Compliance, Multi-Site (vmware Image or server), Redundancy with Auto-Failover
  • Retail: Muti-site off of single image or server, WebRTC (Web Real-Time Collaboration)
  • Senior Housing :WebRTC (Web Real-Time Collaboration) one-touch service , “Man-Down” handsets, Geo-Location
  • Small Business: No Minimums, Low entry costs, Enterprise Features
  • Service & Delivery: Geo-Presence service trucks and delivery truck tracking, WebRTC (Web Real-Time Collaboration) to drive sales direct from Website


At Vatacom we implement an integral approach, where products or services come with tuning of all complementary elements involved. As a company, we have found that it is convenient to name this approach in simple words, so the name we have chosen is Comprehensive IT Administration Services – CITAS. We are taking the principles of CITAS approach to its full extent, eliminating a situation where multiple vendors are blaming each other for the problems with the solution (also known as finger-pointing) at any  stage of product implementation, integration or troubleshooting.

Unlike other companies in this market, we completely cover our customers’ end-to-end IT, Voice and Data needs. Our CITAS-based approach shines because Vatacom sales representatives and engineers take care of all the details, negotiate with providers, configure and install equipment, ensure network security, and resolve problems if they arise.

Vatacom products are of superior quality because our engineers test every one of them in our lab and do not blindly rely on accompanying marketing materials. Only the verified best products are accepted and offered to our customers; hence, the best possible services to our clients. We are in the process of continuous learning, mastering new technologies and developing new skills. Vatacom’s CITAS level of expertise suffices to support virtually any kind of computer systems.