Cordless phone system solutions

Introducing WILDIX W-AIR DECT cordless phone system solutions.

W-AIR Cordless phone system


From 1 to 1000 DECT phones , W-AIR can cover it all.


W-AIR Multicell Solutions

Wildix offers two types of base stations for multicell installations: W-AIR Base and W-AIR Base Outdoor. Both base stations support PoE 802.3af.

W-AIR Multicell DECT system supports up to 250 W-AIR bases or W-AIR Outdoor bases + Repeaters.

You can expand the system at any moment and connect up to 1000 cordless VoIP handsets by adding more base stations and repeaters which expand the base station’s signal coverage.

W-AIR Base

  • Up to 1000 users per system
  • Up to 30 users registered to 1 base station
  • Up to 250 bases per system
  • Up to 8 concurrent calls per base
  • Up to 8 concurrent handovers per base
  • Up to 3 repeaters per base
  • Up to 5 concurrent calls per repeater
  • Up to 100 repeaters per system

* Outdoor W-AIR base is also available 


W-AIR Small Buniness Solutions

To create a Wildix Small Business system it’s enough to install one Small Business Base Station to which you can connect up to 3 repeaters. Each system supports up to 8 cordless handsets.

W-AIR Small business base

W-AIR Small Business Base supports PoE 802.3af thanks to PoE Splitter.

  • Up to 8 users per system
  • Up to 4 concurrent calls
  • Up to 3 repeaters per base
  • No multicell

Wildix W-AIR is a turnkey cordless DECT solution. Thanks to the auto-provisioning system, connection to the Wildix PBX is simple and immediate.

W-AIR 150, W-AIR 70 and W-AIR 100 are cordless VoIP phones fully integrated into the Wildix system and easy to install. The signal coverage is very extensive, thanks to the base-repeater system.

The system is developed on the CAT-iq protocol that allows both data and voice transfer on the radio channel and offers a number of advanced features, such as access to the shared phonebooks and presence status monitoring.

W-AIR Handsets

W-AIR 70

  • 1,44’’ 128×128 pixels display
  • Headset multisite registration
  • HD wide band audio
  • Integrated phonebooks
  • CAT-iq
  • Loudspeaker
  • 3.5 mm headset jack
  • Belt clip case
    (optional item, code WAIR70-PC)

W-AIR 100

All the features of W-AIR 70 +

  • 2’’ 176×220 pixels display
  • Vibration
  • PTT (Push to talk)
  • Belt clip

W-AIR 150

All the features of W-AIR 100 +

  • Bluetooth
  • Lone worker alarms
  • Alarm button and pull cord
  • IP65