Zultys Phone system

Zultys LogoHaving the right communications system truly can power your business success. At Zultys, we are committed to providing the right products, services and support to make that happen.

Zultys mission is to deliver leading edge, comprehensive unified communication solutions that are flexible, easy to use, and cost-effective. Zultys products enable companies of all sizes to improve productivity, enhance customer service, reduce costs, grow sales and increase profitability.

The Zultys family of advanced Open Standards SIP-based IP phone systems offer businesses of all sizes a feature-rich, energy-efficient path to IP telephony and Unified Communications. Zultys MX series of IP phone systems do more in one system than any other IP phone system on the market!

The MX250, MX-E and MX-SE premise-based IP phone systems include a PSTN and SIP gateway right out of the box.

Innovative, reliable and scalable, the MX series of IP phone systems integrates voice, video, and are loaded with business-enhancing features such as Unified Communications, integrated Fax, Voice Mail, Contact Center, Presence, Instant Messaging, Zultys Mobile Communicator™, integrated MXconference™ audio conferencing and more, to optimize collaboration and communications for businesses of all sizes.
The features and operation of the MXvirtual and premise-based features are identical and can be integrated into a company-wide MXnetwork™ that may include any combination of appliances that allow you to scale up to 128 different locations with 10,000 employees into an enterprise-wide Unified Communications system.



Unparalleled single-site or multi-site solution

  • Single Image for your vmware or HyperV environments (optionally, simply add a second image + redundancy licenses for a comprehensive auto-fail mirrored design)
  • Single UC Application (MXIE) for end users has all of the enterprise features included
  • Vatacom has hundreds of Zultys systems deployed since 2007 (Zultys introduced this all-in-one standards based SIP system in 2001)
  • True virtual system – no VPN’s or modules needed for remote offices, travelers or mobile users
  • No session border controller(SBC) needed. Simply point to IP address eliminating extra equipment/licenses/failure points
  • Versatile SIP Stack for
    • deep call routing rules,
    • comprehensive user configuration rules
    • various user notification rules,
    • awesome escalation rules,
    • group configuration,
    • solid queuing rules,
    • Call Attach Data etc…
    • User friendly administration
  • Licenses are concurrent vs user-based, which is very beneficial for companies with sites across the country (follow the sun support etc…) and companies with multiple shifts for example.
  • Extensions apply to users vs phones which is also a nice advantage for your company (multiple devices per user license vs others that need to pay for additional user licenses).

Perfect Mobile Solutions

Zultys real-time mobile Unified Communications and teleworker solutions allow mobile and remote workers to access the corporate Voice and Unified Communications system quickly and easily no matter where they are. With Zultys Mobility your team can cooperate as a single integrated unit regardless of whether they are sitting in the same room or are working in different parts of the world.

Perfect Connectivity Wherever You Go

Zultys Unified Communications Mobility solutions are designed to connect you to your customers and colleagues anytime, anywhere.

Our real-time mobile applications seamlessly integrate mobile workers into the corporate Voice and Unified Communications system. Staying in touch is simple with features like real time presence, chat and Instant Messaging (IM). Moreover Zultys
offers critical tools like single number contact, incoming call and IM alerts, internal extension dialing as well as corporate directory access to expedite work processes from any location. Zultys’ solutions also enable Least Cost Routing; set-up and carry long distance mobile calls through the company’s IP phone system and VoIP infrastructure to help save money on phone bills.

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